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Body Rituals is a rooted brand that carefully crafts handmade skincare products which infuses authentic and traditional ways of skincare from the radical India. It is built for the creation of an ecosystem that puts forward and encourages the culture of entrepreneurship and start up formations amongst the women of our rural sector. It, as a brand contributes in the stream of products under the category of skincare, haircare, as well as body care along with the side of fragrances being etched from the authenticity by concentrating on innovations birthed from rural sections of the society.
Under the name of Body Rituals comes a workshop/workstation in Jangpura, New Delhi with an offline outlet built in INA Dilli Haat.
Body Rituals has also been promoting traditional ways of livings by switching lives to more conventionally organic ways by promoting natural and handmade products, without the harmful impact of the chemicals which organically takes out the best you can offer to yourself with the wide range of products that are offered.
Concepts such as employability and promotion of authentic and organic products in the market are aided by the brand subsequently helping the national income. Body Rituals provides the said segment of the country with various pieces of trainings that support venture formation and development of products which further in the stage will make a profitable market which directly supports their lifestyle by the scalability of the indigenous products handcrafted by them. Further, the brand encourages homespun products and crafts made by the women artisans of the nation, proactively increasing their livelihood.
Body Rituals, offers a wide variety of product segments Like:
1. Skin Care 2. Hair Care 3. Body Fragrances 4. House Aroma Fragrances 


Nationality           Customers Served
Indian           6000
NRI + Other Nationalities


Other Nationalities Included: Italy, France, Netherlands, Australia, New Zealand, United States, Canada, Singapore, Bangladesh, European Union.